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Tempus Fugit is an exhibition of historical objects unearthed from the APS Museum and Library alongside my work in drawing, painting, sculpture, film, and sound; arranged within individual vitrines in an architectural space. In conjunction with APS Museum staff, I selected pieces from APS's collection and placed them in dialogue with my art. Employing time as the leitmotiv and organizing principle, I mined the institution's deep history to create an immersive exhibition that reflects our desire to capture time and hold it still, all the while knowing in our marrow that time is indeed fleeting.


Installation view (Photos by Brent Wahl)

Installation view

Installation view

Case 1 A Tempo

Case 2 Sognando

Case 4 Nocturne

Case 5 Canto

Case 7 Coda

Case 9 Aeon