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Tempus Fugit: Antonia Contro.

2012. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society Museum.

Available through the artist.

Closed/Open: Antonia Contro.

2007. Chicago: The Newberry Library.

Winner, Chicago Design Archive permanent collection, 2007, Society for Typographic Art.

$40 US hardcover; available through The Newberry Library, Museum of Contemporary Art, and artist.

Descry: Antonia Contro and Maurizio Pellegrin (exhibition catalogue).

Egan, Natasha. 2001. Chicago: The Museum of Contemporary Photography Columbia College.

$20 US hardcover; available through Museum of Contemporary Photography and artist

The Traveler: Antonia Contro Maurizio Pellegrin (exhibition catalogue).

Brunetti, John. 1999. Chicago: Carrie Secrist Gallery

Available through the artist