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Field Guide was a 2007–8 site-specific exhibition on the grounds of the Notebaert Nature Museum in the heart of Chicago's Lincoln Park. The museum's exterior surroundings provided a unique setting for a show grounded in nature, and referencing navigational systems. Created in collaboration with animator Joseph E. Merideth and architect Dan Wheeler, the exhibit featured, and took place, in a series of dramatically sized illuminated tents. Some evoked navigational beacons—a lighthouse, a star map, a campfire; others invited the visitor inside, and suggested scientific observation and field work. All explored the interplay between the macro and microscopic, and different ways of experiencing, exploring, and knowing our surroundings.


Sum of Our Routes, tents

Sum of Our Routes

Sum of Our Routes

Vista, film in tent

Field Study

Field Study, films in table in tent

Field Study, films in table