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Closed and Open, a 2006 site-specific exhibition at Chicago's Newberry Library, began with two bodies of my work inspired by collections of knowledge—a 1910 Britannica encyclopedia and a Webster's dictionary from the same era. Six mixed media installations of my art were complemented by objects from the library's archives, which were chosen in partnership with staff librarians.

In Closed and Open, the relationships between my art and the objects chosen from the Newberry were, at times, literal but hopefully they were also impressionistic and metaphoric. My overarching vision for the show was to create dynamic relationships between past and present, text and image, academe and art, meaning and imagination, and to illuminate ways in which books inspire and shape my art.


Installation view, left to right: A-ZYM, Reading Room, books from Newberry archives

A-ZYM, 27 mixed media collages, table

SHU-SUB Sound, mixed media on paper

PAY-POL Physics, mixed media on paper

Reading Room, mixed media in constructed books, table, and stools

poetry (from Reading Room), mixed media in book

philosophy (from Reading Room), light box in book

Aa-Zz, mixed media on paper on sculptural walls

G: glove, mixed media on paper

K knit/knot, watercolor and graphite on paper

Sentinels, light boxes, sound, table

Audio component (07:30)

Sentinels, detail

L'Odor del Bosc, mixed media in book, reading table, sound

Audio component (04:33)

Tongues, sound installation, entrance vestibule of library

Audio component (03:35)